Young Thug Is Sending The Woman He Cheated On Death Threats And People Think It's #Goals

By: Kayla Pasacreta

If you keep up with The Shade Room, there's a good chance you've been keeping up with the Young Thug-Jerrika Karlae drama. It's the same 'ole rapper-break up story: he cheated on her and now there's some major beef between Jerrika and the side chick. And, of course, Thugger started posting some public apologies to try to snag his girl back. Too little, too late, Thug. However, we couldn't care less about that drama - the real tea and concern here is the glamorization of violent and disrespectful language taking place on social media.

Jerrika, like a lot of women fresh out of a relationship, has been flaunting the fact that she's newly single and ready to mingle.

Once it was clear Jerrika was not accepting his apology (for now), Thugger took to Tweet to tweet some f**ked up stuff. 

There are two very glaring issues with this tweet. Not only did he refer to Jerrika as a bitch and act like she's a piece of property, he definitely sent her a death threat, too. And the crazy part about it? People are loving it - and see the death threat as passion for his woman. Um, can we talk about how wild and disrespectful this is?

Women deserve so much better than infidelity and disrespect. There's a pattern on Twitter to fetishize and glamorize controlling partners who don't take no for an answer. This type of behavior should be alarming and unacceptable, as abusive behavior typically follows. According to NBC, nearly three women every day die at the hands of their intimate partner.  The problem is especially real in the black community - domestic violence is a leading cause of death for black women.  Tweeting death threats is not a joke and needs to be taken seriously. 

I'm tired of Twitter glorifying abusive men who double as unfaithful and disrespectful. Twitter, please re-evaluate what you call goals and stop glamorizing potentially abusive situations. Come on, y'all:


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