Mattel’s Line of Barbie Continues to Grow in Diversity With First Hijab Wearing Doll

 By: Cheyenne Darcy Amaya

The inspiration to make a Barbie doll with a hijab is based off American Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad. Many know her as being the first Muslim American women to wear a hijab while competing for the United States in the Olympics.

Muhammad pictured with the new Barbie, photo via  CNN Money

Muhammad pictured with the new Barbie, photo via CNN Money

The reveal of the newest Barbie doll was shown at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit.  In a short interview with the Euronews, Muhammad states, “I’ve had so many moments as an athlete where I didn’t feel included where I was often in spaces where there was a lack of representation so to be in this moment as a U.S. Olympian to have Mattel such a global brand diversify their toy line and include a Barbie doll that wears a hijab is very moving to me and is very revolutionary.”

photo via  Getty Images

photo via Getty Images

She even dressed her own doll up and made sure her doll ‘slayed the red carpet’ with her. It’s a great step in the right direction for Mattel to do this, especially since the doll will be a part of the Sheroes collection, a collection of Barbie dolls that recognize female heroes that inspire girls to break boundaries. Barbie dolls already in the Sheroes Collection are Gabby Douglas, Ava Duvernay, Ashley Graham, and Misty Copeland. It’s about time that women like Ibtihaj Muhammed get represented especially through a Barbie because many young children buy them. This will surely help many young girls like her be able to find a doll who looks like them. For both Muhammed and millions of others, their childhood dreams have officially become true.

photo via  Getty Images

photo via Getty Images

According to Mattel, the doll will be available in the Fall of 2018. They got her fly from head to toe literally: from the hijab to the Nike’s. This is an incredible Barbie doll and hopefully will help Mattel continue to diversify their Barbie dolls to help lift the stigma that people attach to Muslim women and other women.

Congratulations to Muhammed for being the inspiration for Mattel and millions of girls out there!

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