Net Neutrality: What It Is Why You Should Care

By: Stephen Hladik

Pajj, photo via  Getty Images

Pajj, photo via Getty Images

As the holiday seasonr looms ahead of us, many Americans are worried about more then just holiday sales and travel plans. The vote on Net neutrality is on December 14th, and lots of American citizens are worried about the outcome on whether or not net neutrality will be abolished in the hands of the Trump administration.

Net neutrality is the principle that all internet providers must treat all content on the internet the same, and cannot discriminate or charge money for any type of content. Basically, Net neutrality makes sure we all can use the internet freely, without intervention, and equally; it protects the free speech of the internet. FFC chairman under the Trump administration, Ajit Varadaraj Pai, announced on November 21st a plan to repeal net neutrality. 

The impact, if this appeal is approved, could be devastating. First of all, it would severly endanger free speech on the internet. Major companies and corporations would be controlling the content we see on the internet, cultivated to their liking or brand. Second of all, this would be particularly damaging to marginalized groups in the country. For people of color, LGBTQ+ people, religious minorities, indigeneous people, etc, so much of the activism and ability or organize comes from using the internet. With free speech being censored, how can we organize and fight oppression if we can’t even communicate with one another? This move is all about attacking dissent and allowing major companies and conglomerates to control how we live. Stay tuned here for more updates on the vote on net neutrality.

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