Why Black Panther Is A "Must See" film.

By Kala Fogg

It's finally Black History Month. February is a time for reminiscing on rich Black history and this year it's about creating it too. Marvel's Black Panther will be in theaters February 16th and the movies' presales are exceeding those of all other superhero movies. Marvel has definitely gained new audience members, with this hero being a former African Prince now newly made King, from the African nation of Wakanda. Marvel comics are filled with Black heroes and villains, but it's nice to see the company exploring the story of Black Panther. The framework for this character and this movie shine a light on an African world leader from an isolated African country that is thriving on it's own.

If you weren't hype from the gorgeous movie trailers, or the star studded world premiere event, maybe these fun facts about the movie and it's characters will bring some excitement. Here's a list of reasons why the movie means more than good vs. evil.

1. The cast screams "we got melanin": The film stars actors Chadwick Boseman,  Michael B Jordan, Forest Whitaker; and actresses Angela Bassett, and Lupita Nyong'o just to name a few.


2. The African nation of Wakanda may be isolated but it's the most technological advanced nation in the Marvel universe. It's innovative and a source of powerful technology.


3. T'challa's ( Black Panther )16 year old sister Shuri is a genius inventor who works with vibranium (Wakanda's most valuable resource) to create T'Challa's weapons. She is rumored to be as smart as Tony Stark (Iron Man).


4.Wakanda is not a "Sh!thole Country: Wakanda lies in Africa somewhere near Sudan and the people of Wakanda are intelligent. Wakandans are fluent in a variety of languages and manage to keep their economy stable with the help of their resources.


5. The vigilant army that protects King T'Challa is made up of Wakandan women: The Dora Milage are not only selfless fighters, but they're all women of color.


6. The movie's villain Erik Killmonger played by Michael B Jordan is a family man: Turns out Killmonger's beef is actually with T'Chaka, T'Challa's father. T'Chaka exiled Killmonger's family a while back, and homeboy hasn't been right ever since.

7. Black Panther is a world leader: T'challa doesn't just get the bad guys all day long, he has no days off. T'Challa is black panther but he is also a world leader and the representation of a nation.




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