Here Are Our Fave Quotes From Jay-Z's interview With Van Jones

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Jay-Z and Van Jones, photo via  CNN

Jay-Z and Van Jones, photo via CNN

If you haven't already checked out Jay-Z's interview with CNN's Van Jones, you're missing out! Jay-Z's interviews are likely to make you feel 10x smarter, and he always drops a sh**t ton of knowledge. For your convenience, we've compiled some of our fave quotes from the interview.

On fighting for his marriage with Beyoncé:

Well, that’s my soulmate. It’s the person I love. And you can be in love with someone, you can love someone, and if you haven’t experienced love and you don’t understand it, and you don’t have the tools to move forward, you’re going to have complications, period.
Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Roc Nation Brunch, photo via  Instagram

Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Roc Nation Brunch, photo via Instagram

On the #MeToo movement:

This had to happen to purge has to happen. The movement and everything that’s going on and what we’re finding out. It’s like racism — it existed the whole time. It’s almost like we normalized it. It’s the normalization of the things we do to survive. For women to go to work knowing this sort of abuse was happening every day; because you can look and logically say, “Why would you stay there?” [But] what’s the alternative? You have to survive in America.

On Colin Kaepernick's activism:

Would you rather be playing football, getting your head dogged in, or would you rather be an iconic figure for the rest of your life? We confuse the idea of having a job with fulfilling your purpose.

On racism behind closed doors:

Once you do that, all the other closest racists just run back in the hole. You haven’t fixed anything, what you’ve done was spray perfume on a trash can. What you do when you do that is the bugs come and you spray something, you create a superbug because you don’t take care of the problem. You don’t take the trash out, you keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable. As those things grow, you create a superbug. And now we have Donald Trump, the superbug.

On the change the justice system needs:

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