Watch Bruno Mars and Cardi B's 90's Themed "Finesse" Video

By: Kayla Pasacreta

When you heard Cardi B and Bruno Mars were collaborating for a song, if you were anything like me, your first instinct was BASURA! However, I'm happy to say the song and music video proved me wrong. They dropped the song and the video Wednesday night, and Bruno Mars offers his classic spunky, electrifying vibe with the playful yet sexy appeal of rapper Cardi B over 90's inspired beats to bring a song that puts you in a time machine. The video is a fun tribute to "Living Color", showing Cardi B donning a backwards hat, gold bamboo hoops, and a vintage bomber jacket. Bruno Mars offers the soul and brings Cardi B along for the ride in what results in a reminiscent journey.

"Finesse" is sure to be #1, and we can't help but acknowledge that Cardi B is literally killing EVERYTHING. Cardi's move to join forces is a damn good one that will surely help her gain a newfound introduction to the pop crowd that gets down to Bruno Mars.

I give the video and song a 10/10, folks.

Kayla PasacretaComment