"Black Panther" Is Killing Sh**t At The Box Office

By: Kayla Pasacreta

The latest Marvel film, Black Panther, is killing it at the black office. Black Panther is Marvel's first time having a black director, and the movie has already brought in an $361 million worldwide for its 3-day weekend debut. The film has made an estimated $192 million domestically and $169 million internationally.


Black Panther's opening numbers are shattering several records (stats courtesy of Buzzfeed)

  • The biggest domestic weekend opening for the months of February, March, and April
  • The top grossing weekend for a black director (EVER)
  • Biggest domestic weekend numbers for a Marvel film (other than Avengers)
  • Biggest global debut for a film with a predominantly black cast (beating out Straight Outta Compton)
  • fifth biggest domestic weekend (ever)

Disney has estimated that Black Panther will end up bringing in $218 million for its four-day-weekend debut (including President's Day). The movie was marketed for 9 months and had an estimated $200 million budget. The film's first weekend numbers alone overwhelming surpass the budget! Given the film's A+ ratings all around, Black Panther is likely to break several more records. If you haven't already, check out our take of why Black Panther is so culturally significant here.

Wakanda forever.


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