This Howard University Student Allegedly Stole More Than $429,000 From The Financial Aid Office And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Tyrone Hankerson, photo via  Twitter

Tyrone Hankerson, photo via Twitter

Howard University confirmed today that six financial aid employees were fired after stealing millions from the financial aid department, after a now-deleted report from the site Medium. One of the employees listed in the embezzlement happens to be a senior named Tyrone Hankerson, and his back story is simply hilarious. He allegedly managed to swindle $429,000 from Howard University's financial aid department. Just months away from his graduation, the university got wind of the scam.

Unfortunately, however, this was not the last time a grant of that amount had been awarded. Between 2014 and 2017, another financial aid student-employee, Tyrone Hankerson, was repeatedly awarded a $65,000 “University Need Based Grant.” In 2014, Hankerson was awarded another $22,683 scholarship, labeled as a Mock Trial Scholarship. Sources who have been involved with the mock trial, including past leadership, say the team has never awarded a scholarship of that amount and wouldn’t even have had the budget to accommodate a scholarship of that amount.
— the now-deleted post from Medium

The same year Tyrone allegedly swindled $133,000 in aid, he replied to another student's aid request saying, "The university has utilized 100% of financial aid budget for the academic year...we encourage you to look for outside scholarships."'

Check out these pictures of Tyrone living lavish!

Although this is a serious matter, Tyrone was out here finessing with the stolen money from the financial aid department. Tyrone even has an account on the Huffington Post, where his bio reads, "Observer of fashion, frequent flyer to new destinations, food and drink fanatic, music junkie, growing photographer, and an art enthusiast!"

Check out some of the hilarious Twitter reactions to Tyrone's finessing:

Tyrone, you almost got away with it.

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