Black Twitter Wins Again With #BBQ Becky

By: Torre Jackson


On April 29th, a white woman called the Oakland Police Department to report two black men having a cookout in Oakland, California. The issue occured once the woman accused the two black men breaking the law by having a barbecue in the park. This white woman hurled racial epithets at the men as well as tell them that they are going to jail. Another woman confronted the white woman on camera asking her why she felt it was necessary to call the police. This resulted in the video going viral on Twitter. Online there was some discussion being made about how black Americans are forever policed even for walking down the street, sleeping in their college dorm common room, and moving into their own house.

However, black Twitter could not resist another chance to have some fun by making the white woman into a meme. In the words of Monique, 

When you do clownery, the clownery comes back to bite.

You have got to give black Twitter their props for turning the even most disheartening of situations into a meme!