Rising Atlanta Star Lil Baby Drops "Harder Than Ever"

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Lil Baby, photo via  Vice

Lil Baby, photo via Vice

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby (formally known as Domonique Jones) is one of the hottest in Atlanta's rap game right now. Signed to Quality Control Records, Lil Baby has enjoyed a fast-paced climb to the top. Although he just jumpstarted his career last year with his first mixtape "Perfect Timing", Lil Baby has proved his spot as a force amongst newcomers like Gunna and NBA Youngboy. His hit songs "My Dawg" and "Freestyle" put him on the map, showcasing his authenticity and unique ability to tell a story about his life.

Quay Global, one of Lil Baby's producers, explained Lil Baby's effortless swag and influence to Vice, "I can't say it enough. Bruh is the wave. He got that shit on lock. Like, the swag he come with, that shit fuck the game up.” Lil Baby always reminds fans he was never meant to be a rapper - he was encouraged by Coach K to take a dip in the rap game after serving 3 years in jail. When Lil Baby raps about his life on the streets and his come-up, you know every thing he's saying is 100% real; proving to listeners that he is really 'bout it. 

Caught a few cases, I been on the road but overall a nigga still free
I done been robbed I know how it feel, a nigga gon’ have to come kill me
I been through it all, I came this far how a nigga not gon’ feel me
Ain’t no facade, no cap in my raps everything that I say is the real me
I give all my problems to God
Let him handle all my enemies
I get on my knees and beg him please I just hoping that he hearin’ me
— Lil Baby, "Best Of Me"
Lil Baby, photo via  Vice

Lil Baby, photo via Vice

His new 17- track album Harder Than Ever dropped today, and recruits the help of some of the rap game's finest: Drake, Young Thug, Gunna, Offset, Lil Uzi Vert, and Hoodrich Pablo Quan. Most of the songs cap at 2-3 minutes, following the trend of today's trap music. The Drake feature has undoubtedly brought more attention to the rising rapper, bringing in a plethora of new fans eager to hear what Lil Baby has to say. Despite his growing popularity, Lil Baby maintains his raw sound, whether it's rapping about his hood in "Southside" or bragging about his drip and Cartier glasses in "Yes Indeed". For hardcore Lil Baby fan's, Lil Baby's drip is nothing new, but Harder Than Ever is sure to gain Lil Baby a lot more recognition. 

  • Our picks from Harder Than Ever: "I'm Straight", "Yes Indeed", "Throwing Shade", "Boss Bitch", and "Never Needed No Help"
  • Quotables: "Cartier glasses, I won't even peak at you" ("Yes Indeed"), "I ran it up, they 'suppose to hate" ("Leaked"),  "These niggas ain't authentic, they actin' And I ain't get to the money, they captain' What happened? I thought you was a real one?" ("Southside")

Harder Than Ever tracklist:

photo via  Quality Control

photo via Quality Control

1. Intro

2. Spazz

3. I'm Straight

4. Exotic (feat. Starlito)

5. Yes Indeed (feat. Drake)

6. Leaked

7. Bank (feat. Moneybagg Yo)

8. Cash

9. Southside

10. ThrowingShade (feat. Gunna)

11. First Class

12. Right Now (feat. Young Thug)

13. Life Goes On (feat. Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert)

14. Transporter (feat. Offset)

15. Fit In

16. Boss Bitch (feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)

17. Never Needed No Help

Harder Than Ever is now available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.