Rihanna Launches 50 New Concealer Shades

By: Omneya Aboushanab

Once again, Fenty Beauty did not come to play. Sephora shelves are bare...great for Riri’s pockets, terrible for those who slept on the drop.

photo via  Fenty Beauty

photo via Fenty Beauty

The popular brand announced the launch of of their new Pro Filt’r Concealers in 50 shades along with 8 shades of Pro Filt’r Setting Powder. If that wasn't enough, they managed to squeeze in 10 brand new shades of the already popular Pro Filt’r Foundation, which now makes 50 total shades of that product. This launch also included some new beauty tools to help you achieve that #FentyFace.

Fenty Beauty launched back in September 2017 and everyone wondered 'where are the concealers?' It seemed like such a cosmetic staple, and it was strange that a cosmetics brand would launch without the product, but they did for good reason.

Fenty Beauty has always been praised for being completely inclusive of all skin tones and undertones. What most don't recognize is how much work goes into launching a product in 50 shades without feeling rushed. Fenty Beauty takes longer to launch products because they want to get it right the first time. Not only has Fenty Beauty changed the makeup industry forever, but they have set the bar high.

Consumers are now seeing brands fall under the pressure. They are rushing to launch complexion products in dozens of shades, and they are failing. Beauty Blender and Morphe are two brands that come to mind when talking about lots of shades, with no impact. Beauty Blender launched a foundation which seemed to come in a lot of light shades, and barely any deep shades. While Morphe came with a broad range of shades, with very odd undertones for the deep/dark category. It seemed like there was no happy medium until Fenty Beauty came into the game and proved that it could be done.

Cosmetics brands and companies should be taking notes. Rihanna and the rest of the Fenty Beauty team continuously hit the mark with their products. You can almost complete a full face of Fenty now. Help us out Rih, drop some mascara and brow products for those one brand makeup lovers.

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