Here’s our Grammy’s Recap

By Omneya Aboushanab

So now that it has been a few days since we all watched The Grammys, I think it’s ok to say some pretty crazy things happened as a result of the biggest night in music. Overall it seemed to be the night of the woman. The show kicked off with a powerful statement and surprise appearance from Michelle Obama herself.

Michelle Obama on stage, photo via  Getty

Michelle Obama on stage, photo via Getty

Camilla Cabello was the opening performer, and she was the first Latina to open the Grammy Awards.

Cardi B was the first solo female rapper to win best rap album (Lauryn Hill won as a part of The Fugees in 1997). She also had a killer performance, after stealing the spotlight on the red carpet in her vintage Mugler dress (She is only the 2nd celeb ever to get to wear something from the Mugler archive).

Diana Ross performed for her 75th birthday, looking and sounding flawless as ever.

Lady Gaga performed her Oscar nominated song ‘Shallow,’ while also snagging 3 awards.

Dolly Parton sang with her Goddaughter Miley Cyrus, eventually being surrounded on stage by several artists singing her hits.

The late Aretha Franklin was honored on stage by powerhouse vocalists, Fantasia, Andra Day, and Yolanda Adams.

H.E.R won best R&B album….for an EP. Speaks for itself. She also performed on the Grammy stage for the first time.

Janelle Monae gave everyone Prince vibes with her showstopping performance.

Kacey Musgraves performed twice, and took home the biggest award of the night, Album of The Year.

Jennifer Lopez performed a Motown Tribute.

And my favorite of all, host Alicia Keys playing two pianos, and flawlessly singing her favorite songs. She was inspired by Hazel Scott.

Now, all of that being said. There was some serious controversy as always. Why JLo for motown? Why Kacey Musgraves for Album of The Year? Why did they cut Drake’s speech off? Why was there no mention of 21 Savage? Why did Cardi win over Mac Miller?

The list goes on, but to be honest what did we expect? This is always a very controversial award show.

Since Sunday, some crazy things have happened. Cardi B has completely deleted her Instagram because of all of the hate and drama surrounding her award. She also posted a video making it clear that she did not support the BET article that was dragging Nicki.

Nicki Minaj tweeted that she was no longer associating with the network. BET later posted this statement addressing the situation.

Staying on the Cardi train, Ariana felt that Mac Miller was snubbed and she had some thoughts for Twitter.

She apologized because she wasn’t coming for Cardi, but a lot of people aren’t having it. Users are asking Ari to slow down with the Twitter fingers and just think before she tweets. Cardi posted a video sharing/dedicating her win with Mac, and Ariana liked the post and commented some hearts under it, so it seems like there are no hard feelings there.

All of this of course comes after Ariana canceled her Grammy performance and refused to attend the show at all because of a public disagreement with one of the producers.

So while there were some major wins for women, sadly, there was drama that followed.

In much better and happier news, 21 Savage has since been released from ICE Custody on bond. He was set to attend and perform on Sunday so they expedited his hearing, but unfortunately it wasn’t fast enough. Even though he missed the awards, we are still so happy that he is with his family and loved ones now.

Lots of craziness as always, but what was your favorite Grammys moment? Leave a comment down below.

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