Jay-Z Makes Hi$tory As Hip-Hop's First Billionaire

By: Kayla Pasacreta

photo via  Getty

photo via Getty

Hip-hop artist. Philanthropist. Icon. BILLIONAIRE.

According to Forbes, Jay-Z just made history as hip-hop’s first ever artist to become a billionaire. Forbes’ calculated all of Jay-Z’s different business ventures:

To calculate his net worth, we looked at the artist’s stakes in companies like Armand de Brignac champagne, applying our customary discount to private firms. (He owns 100% of Armand de Brignac and has partial ownership of the other companies.) Then added up his income, subtracting a healthy amount to account for a superstar lifestyle. We checked our numbers with a roster of outside experts to ensure these estimates were fair and conservative. Turns out, Jay-Z really is a business, man.
— Forbes
  • Partnership with Armand de Brignac: $310 million

  • Cash and investments: $220 million

  • Partnership with D’Ussé: $100 million

  • Tidal: $100 million

  • Roc Nation: $75 million

  • Music catalog: $75 million

  • Art collection: $70 million

  • Real estate: $50 million

With this report, Forbes also rebuffed previous claims that Dr. Dre was the first rapper to become a billionaire. The rapper is worth a cool $800 million, according to Forbes, which is different from the $3.2 billion net worth Dr. Dre boasted.

Congrats to Jay-Z for putting on for the culture, once again!