Tracking Election Day 2017's Historic Results

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Results from yesterday's elections are in, and it's looking like a lot of W's for Democrats!

This year's election is particularly important because it gives an eye into what the country is feeling, and can serve as indicator of what to expect in 2018 midterms, when House and Senate seats are up for grabs. 

Here's the results we have so far:

  • Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's Governor seat, his Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax also wins

Northam and Fairfax

Northam and Fairfax


Northam wins Virginia! He has defeated his Republican, Trump-endorsed opponent Ed Gillespie’s with 51.5% against Gillespie’s 47.3% Liuetant Governor Justin Fairfax's win is historic; as he becomes only the 2nd black statewide officeholder in Virginia since the Reconstruction. This win has all the buzz, as political analysts everywhere see it as a sign of rejection for Trump's policy and Gillespie's racially charged campaign.

  • Democrat Phil Murphy wins New Jersey's Governor seat

Phil Murphy, photo via  CNN

Phil Murphy, photo via CNN

Even though the polls predicted Murphy would take the win, the win is still symbolic and huge for Democrats who are finally able to chuck up the deuces to the infamous Chris Christie.

  • Virginia elected the country's first openly transgender state legislator

Roem, photo via  AP

Roem, photo via AP

Danica Roem just made history; beating 13-time Republican incumbent Delegate Rob Marshall. The win is even sweeter because Marshall is a self proclaimed homophobe who refused to even debate Roem.

  • New Hampshire's largest city elected their first-ever woman mayor, Joyce Craig.

Joyce Craig, photo via NBC Boston

Craig, photo via  NBC News

Craig, photo via NBC News

  • New Jersey elected their first black woman to serve as lieutenant Governor. Congratulations, Sheila Oliver!

Sheila Oliver, photo via Twitter

  • Minneapolis City Council elected their first transgender woman of color to office, Andrea Jenkins!

Andrea Jenkins, photo via  Twitter

Andrea Jenkins, photo via Twitter

  • Charlotte, North Carolina elected their first African-American female mayor, Vi Lyles.

Vi Lyles, photo via  Lyles for Mayor

Vi Lyles, photo via Lyles for Mayor

Democrat Mayor de Blasio keeps his seat in New York City,

Bill De Blasio, photo via  CNN

Bill De Blasio, photo via CNN

  • Virginia flipped 12 state senate seats blue, and Democrats also won the state attorney general seat.

  • Civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner was elected Philadelphia's top prosecutor, a victory for minorities because he has said his mission is to implement reform in the criminal system.

If you were discouraged by the 2016 election, it looks like the country may be looking up towards diversity and progress. The 2017 election results certainly suggest a bright future for Democrats in 2018 midterm elections.

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