The Biggest Election No One Is Talking About: Inside VA's Race For Governor

By: Anna Gibson

The biggest election that nobody knows about is currently underway. If it’s not the state you reside in, you most likely don't care about another state’s governor elections. Regardless, the political world has all eyes on Virginia. Even though the state  is currently under Democratic leadership and went blue for Hillary Clinton last November, things aren't looking too hot for the Democrats. Wait a second....let's back up and meet the candidates.

Ralph Northam (D)

Ralph Northam, photo via unknown

Ralph Northam, photo via unknown

  •  Lieutenant governor of Virginia
  •  Physician and Army veteran

What are some of his policies?

  • Cut college costs/create a strong economy for everyone
  • Working towards tougher gun laws
  • Affordable healthcare for all Virginians

Give me a little more....

During the storm of controversy over Confederate monuments, Northam stated that “statues should be taken down and moved into museums.” He also believes the minimum wage should be moved from its current standing for $7.25 to $15 an hour. He is a supporter of the Affordable Care Act, but agreed that it could use some improvement. Northam also disagreed with Trump's decision to cut DACA and believes that immigrants should not be living in fear. Barack Obama rallied for him in Virginia last week, and is heavily in his corner to get him elected.

Ed Gillespie (R)

Gillespie, photo via  Gillespie for Governor

Gillespie, photo via Gillespie for Governor

  • Served as counselor to former President George W. Bush
  • Former chair of the National Republican Committee

    What are some of his policies?

  •  Advocates for major tax cuts

  •  Increase the education system

  • Eradicate gangs, reforms system, and reward those who serve and protect

  • Pro-life; would eradicate abortion after 20 weeks

  • Wants to repeal Obamacare

  • Opposes Sanctuary cities

Give me a little more....
In 2004. Gillespie supported the Republican platform plank in support of banning gay marriage. Years later, in the midst of the bathroom bill, he opposed all legislation that supported transgender bathroom rights. This past September, Gillespie supported Trump's decision to annex from the Paris Climate agreement. Oh, did I mention Trump is a big advocate of Gillespie? Check out his latest tweet in support of the candidate.

These aren't the only candidates on the ballot. Since Virgina has a divided government, up for grabs is the Lieutenant Governor position.

Justin Fairfax (D)

Fairfax, photo via  Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor

Fairfax, photo via Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor

  • Former assistant of US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

What are some of his policies?

  •  Grow small businesses
  • Increase the minimum wage

  • Expand access to early childhood education

  • Restructure/lower student loan debt

Jill Vogel (R)

Vogel, photo via  Vogel for Virginia

Vogel, photo via Vogel for Virginia

  • Served as chief counsel for the Republican National Committee
  •  Currently Represents the 27th district of the Northern part of Virginia

    What are her policies?

  • Grow the economy by reducing regulations on taxes

  • Defending the 2nd Amendment (earning her brownie points with the NRA)

  • Enforcing strong immigration laws

    Democrats are holding their breath with just two weeks till election. Gillespie is ahead of Northam by 8 points in a poll taken at Hampton University Center for Public Policy poll that was released Wednesday, although 23 percent of the respondents were undecided.

    Governor elections in swing states tend to show the mood of the country. So, what are ya feelin’ Virginia? Stay turned for the results November 7th. 

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