House Republicans Conduct Hearing To Discuss Banning Abortion After 6 Weeks

By: Kayla Pasacreta

The year is 2017, and House Republicans (most of whom are men) are on the floor to discuss banning abortion after six weeks. This move might as well just motion to ban abortion completely; since most women are unaware they are pregnant at the six week mark. Further, the bill would criminalize doctors for conducting an abortion if the baby has a heartbeat. This bill comes just 3 weeks after the House successfully passed a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks.

The bill, written by Steve King (R-Iowa), is called the "Heartbeat Protection Act". King calls the bill a 'strong pro-life bill', and admits it might face some opposition in the Supreme Court (ya think?!) Similar bills have been vetoed in the past by pro-life Republicans like John Kasich. Basically, the bill has no chance of passing, but Republicans said f**k it and are going for it anyways. To get their point across, Republicans went as far as to reserve a seat in the chamber for a sonogram.

Chances are slim-none that Republicans will be able to pass the bill, but it's still worth being informed about. Women's right groups have taken to Twitter to discuss their opposition to the bill.

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