A Year Later: Why Rock Bottom Is What This Country Needed

By: Samantha Brimberry

Donald Trump's campaign slogan of 'Make America Great Again' surely made every one wonder when exactly the country was ever great. America was only great to those whose skin produced lower levels of melanin than their neighbors. America was only great to the cookie cutter all American family who spent their Sunday mornings going to church and afternoons attending a football game. America was never an equal opportunity employer, and though we as a country have come along way from our slave bearing, woman oppressing, homophobic, prejudice ancestors, there still is a long road to travel.

photo via  Tumblr

photo via Tumblr

But, none of this seemed so clear until Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States. We in no way were united.  Surely we are not united in our absolute disgust of the underrepresentation of culture, gender, and sexuality in our political system. While leaders of the ‘old ways’ stand firm on their policies geared to destroy the American Dream, we also stand firm.

This administration may have been the best thing for this country. Before last year, underrepresented groups were never properly given a platform to speak truth to the injustices they have battled, now we listen. Before last year white privilege, and micro aggressions were never accredited properly or academically.


Before last year, 41%  of the populous did not participate in a single bedrock activities of American Civic and political life.  These activities include volunteering, protesting, calling elected officials, purchase goods based on companies morals, attend community meetings and town halls, and publicly speaking on issues. Less than 12% of Americans participated in three of these activities.

Now, we gather in defiance of prejudice and injustice. We gathered all over the world during the Inauguration protest and Woman’s March. We sit together or stand during our nations Anthem, praying that one day its lyrics sing truth for every American. Today we are awake. Today we are united for progressive change. Today we are shouting louder than ever, for ourselves, our brothers, sisters, friends, and enemies. The only place to go from rock bottom, is up. 

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