Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel: What You Need To Know About the Move That May Cause Unrest in the Middle East

By: Kaitwan Jackson

Jerusalem, photo via  JNS

Jerusalem, photo via JNS

On Wednesday President Trump announced his plan to move the US embassy of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in hopes this will propel Jerusalem to become the capital of the country as well. This plan comes after Trump’s many promises to promote peace between the region. Although it will take years to implement the plan, the announcement has sparked major controversy. This controversy comes from Trump’s opponents, international officials, and from those in the Middle East.

This issue of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital has long been a consideration of presidents, however Trump is the first to make moves toward the long halted proposal. With this move he will break the status quo maintained by 7 decades of presidents. Although this plan may take years to move into effect, the mere significance of the announcement is major. US relations in the Middle East have been forged by war involvement and misconstrued prejudice that the area breeds terrorism. But President Trump believes that stirring the pot on a age old debate will somehow cause peace in the area.

With tensions already rising in the area this move has the potential to fuel terror organizations. This move shows President Trumps allegiance to recognizing Jerusalem as the true center of religiosity for Israel. Many worry this move may cause religious radicals in the area to start a Holy War in the area. Shall this war begin, the region will only be entangled in more radical acts of terrorism than are already apparent. It also raises the threat level for the United States.

Currently Jerusalem stands in the middle of debate between Israel and Palestine over who should have control over the region. Located on the West Bank, Jerusalem is of central focus to both countries due to its world significance. With ties to Judaism, Christianity, and the Islam faiths the land is equally claimed by all. The US specifically recognizing Jerusalem as the capital will only show a favoritism in the region.

With opposition from his advisors, other world leaders, and Israeli-Palestinian leaders, the decisions is being highly condemned. During his election President Trump claimed he would recognize Jerusalem over Tel Aviv, so I guess we can consider this a promise he has fulfilled. Much like most of his other decisions it seems President Trump fails to see the possible consequences of his announcement, even with Pope Francis warning Trump to “respect the status quo” of the region. With the building of the embassy years away, there is no telling if the world will begin recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

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