Issa Deal? Trump in Talks with Dems to Save DACA, Hold Off on Wall Funding

By: Kayla Pasacreta

To say Trump has had his base #shook the past few hours would be an understatement. Last night, over Chinese food, Trump was in talks with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to save DACA, which Trump put a halt on last week

Schumer and Pelosi, photo via  DailyKos

Schumer and Pelosi, photo via DailyKos

According to the Washington Post, "Aides to Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asserted that Trump had agreed not to request wall funding as part of their pact to soon move legislation to help undocumented immigrants who are protected under the executive order." Their aides went on to say the three struck a deal that would handle protections for 800,000 Dreamers as well as secure border security (but wall funding is not in the deal). Pelosi and Schumer's joint statement stated, "While both sides agreed that the wall would not be any part of this agreement, the President made clear he intends to pursue it at a later time, and we made clear we would continue to oppose it.”

When Trump's base got word that Trump had made a deal with Democrats that would negatively affect the Wall, many expressed their disappointment on Twitter. 

Donald Trump quickly tried to calm his base, insisting that there was no deal made. Then, things got confusing, as he began to tweet the provisions of the deal (which he just said he didn't make). 

In his speech this morning, Trump stated, "We're working on a plan for DACA," So, it looks like Donald did make a deal to try to save the Dreamers. By getting Trump to agree to the deal, Pelosi and Schumer didn't just make an admirable act of bipartisanship, but they also played an important political tactic. Trump's shift of lessening the wall as a priority and saving the Dreamers will undoubtedly shake and divide his base - the people he appealed to with his ultra-conserative, anti-immigrant rhetoric will not be pleased that Trump is going back on his word..

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