#StayWoke, Republicans Are Trying (Again) to Repeal Obamacare Behind Closed Doors

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Ah, healthcare. The Republicans have tried and failed about 4 times to repeal and replace (or in some cases, repeal and replace later), the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare for the past 8 months. Getting rid of Obamacare has been a priority for many Conservatives and mainly the White House, since Donald Trump largely ran on the promise to repeal Obamacare as soon as possible.

According to Forbes, "Prior to the ACA, almost 50 million, or about 17 percent of people, were uninsured. That has dropped to 8.8 percent. Out-and-out repeal now will lead to an estimated 32 million people losing coverage." Obamacare being repealed with have a large impact on those unable to afford healthcare.

The latest effort by the GOP is the Graham-Cassidy Bill. The bill is sponsored by 3 Republicans: Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, and Dean Heller of Nevada. According to Kellyane Conway, Republicans are just one vote away from securing enough votes to pass the bill.

Graham and Cassidy, photo via  AP

Graham and Cassidy, photo via AP

Former senior healthcare adviser to President Obama, Andy Slavitt, has been actively tweeting against the bill, stating, "They're pretty sure people aren't paying attention."

Here's what you need to know about the bill:

  • Allows insurers to decide what they deem as "essential services". Insurers would not be required to provide services like: overnight stays, prescription drugs, pregnancy care, birth control coverage, counseling, and psychotherapy
  • Involves Medicaid cuts and will end Medicaid expansion. (What is Medicaid, you ask? Medicaid is a federal/state government funded program that helps provide health care to those who cannot afford it)
  • Eliminates the individual mandate that requires citizens to have healthcare or face a fine. Also eliminates the employer mandate that requires big companies to give their workers access to affordable healthcare.
  • Seizes funding for Planned Parenthood for one year.
  • Many predict John McCain, who played an instrumental role in killing the Skinny Repeal attempt is  voting "yes" on the bill.
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