Trump Kills Obama-Era Dreamers Program, Puts 800,000 Immigrants in Jeopardy

By: Stacy Amosa

Jeff Sessions announced today the Trump Administration will be ending the Obama Era Program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival .

photo via  The Washington Examiner

photo via The Washington Examiner

The DACA program grants 800,00 young undocumented immigrant’s protection to work and study in the United States without deportation, many call it Obama's signature immigration policy. The goal of the program is to allow young immigrants to work and learn freely without the threat of deportation. The rules of the program are pretty simple - the child must be under 16 when they arrived in the country and must have a clean record and background check. Enacted in 2012, it has since granted almost 800,000 immigrant children the ability to work and go to school.

During the campaign, President Trump’s rhetoric regarding the DACA program was extremely negative as he threatened to cut the program indefinitely and deport all 800,000 people. In the early days of the presidency he stated on television that he will treat DREAMERS “with heart.”Source inside the White House predicted Trump may end new applications and renewals for the program. With DACA protections only lasting for two years, it sounded like Donald Trump was thinking about phasing the program out instead of fixing it to show “some heart.” 

Trump supporters  urged the president to scrap the program indefinitely. Congress is not expected to deal with the matter at all, so outside intervention into the matter is unlikely.   Although many Republicans are in favor of the bill and could do a clean veto should the President revoke it, Congress taking action is not likely.

Still, Speaker of the House Paul Rya urged Trump to hold off on revoking the DACA, and allow Congress time to make some changes to it. Other ultra-conseratives like Representative Steve King from Iowa are more than ready to end the program. Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford stated, "We as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an announcement Tuesday morning with the administration's decision. Sessions referred to immigrants as "illegal aliens" and explained his decision, "We are people of compassion, we are people of law...There is nothing compassionate about failure to enforce immigration laws."

The lives of close to I million young undocumented people will be drastically affected by announcement. The economy will also take a hit, as work from immigrants generates millions of dollars. Dreamers will have until March 5th to get together plans until they are forced to leave the country.

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