Dacabuster: Pelosi Speaks for 8 Hours on House floor

By: Torre Payton-Jackson

Nancy Pelosi walking onto the House floor yesterday, photo via  NPR

Nancy Pelosi walking onto the House floor yesterday, photo via NPR

House Minority Leader and California Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, spoke on the House floor for over eight hours-- the longest in House history. Representative Pelosi held the House floor hostage for eight hours and seven minutes to advocate for “Dreamers”. The previous record that Representative Pelosi broke was held by Representative Champ Clark of Missouri who spoke for five hours and fifteen minutes in 1909 in protest of tax overhauls. Pelosi decided to make her marathon speech after Senate leaders came up with a new budget proposal that does not guarantee provisions for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

Unlike the Senate, the House has no filibuster rule; however, the House does have a “magic minute” rule in which the House minority and majority leader may talk on the floor for as long as they like. Representative Pelosi took advantage of this rule in an unprecedented way. This marathon speech was quickly dubbed “DACA-buster” on Twitter. During her eight hour long speech, Pelosi began reading letters from Dreamers about their lives and even referred to the Bible. Standing tall in her four inch heels the whole time, Representative Pelosi proves again why she is one of the toughest politicians in Congress.

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