Why You Should Give AF About Net Neutrality

By: Anna Gibson

Net Neutrality requires all internet service providers (ISPS) to treat internet data equally. Some ISPS are AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Net Neutrality makes it so that big companies like Google are treated equal to the small blogger you catch up with every week. If you want to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix, Net Neutrality is there to ensure that no ISPS or other company can slow down and/or block that show from getting to your TV. Surfing the web, reading news, streaming music, watching movies without interference from bigger companies blocking access to the sites you wish to visit.

Without Net Neutrality, your ISP can legally delay OR block access to any site. This means you could potentially be paying your ISP more money to use the sites you previously, freely enjoyed. Could our first amendment right be put to risk?

A brief history of Net Neutrality, Congress & the FCC:

Since the creation of the internet in 1990 Net Neutrality has been a subject of discussion. Between 2005 and 2012 there were five efforts to pass network neutrality all were rejected until 2015 when Congress finally approved the bill during the Obama-era. In April 2017, Ajit Pai became chairman of the FCC and proposed that the bill be repealed. December 2017, Congress voted in favor of the repeal. June 11th 2018, the end of net neutrality in America.

With the media focused on arguing about visible issues; Trump, Racism in America, Gun Violence (just to name a few) net neutrality seems to fade into the background. Although some states are taking action, it may not be enough.

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