America: Stop Forcing Immigrants to Live in the Shadows

By: Anna Gibson

When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose" - Bob Dylan. To hear the right wing tell it, illegal aliens are a danger to our American way of life. We are told these undocumented aliens are villains and delinquents who are only hereto take advantage of our good nature and great resources. They bring drugs, rape, and murder to us and threaten to bring down, according to some, our fragile Nation.

A large trailer sitting in a San Antonio Wal-Mart parking lot was found to contain around 100 undocumented immigrants desperate to find a better way of life. Locked in sweltering heat for hours, 10 have died and almost 30 others have been hospitalized. There are reports that as many as 200 were smuggled from the border to the Alamo City with most able to leave the trailer once the door was unlocked.

the crime scene, photo via  USA Today

the crime scene, photo via USA Today

Truck driver James Matthew Bradley was charged with transporting Illegal Immigrants. According to Bradley, he was unaware his trailer was filled with human bodies. An undocumented immigrant in the US does not have a life of luxury. Those who come to live “The American Dream” are forced to live in the shadows, constantly fearing that a small act such as going to a store may lead to their immediate incarceration. For better or worse, the undocumented immigrant comes to the United States in search of a better opportunity.


The rhetoric that they come here to take advantage of anything other than work opportunities is unfounded. They understand the danger and hardships they face even if most US citizens hardly take notice. This latest tragedy is hardly unique, 19 undocumented immigrants died inside an airless trailer in Victoria, Texas back in 2003.

Many believe that illegal immigration is an easy issue to fix.....moresecurity!....immediate deportation!....a Great Wall! The fact is, as long as there is a person willing to walk into a scorching hot trailer in the middle of summer with the door locked behind them in search of a better life, there will continue to be undocumented immigrants. 



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