Trump Condones Police Brutality in Speech to Police

By: Phelicia Ball

photo via  Getty Images

photo via Getty Images

On Friday, President Trump received an extensive and disheartening applause for his speech on illegal immigration and gang violence. During his speech to police officers of the Suffolk County Police department and law enforcement countrywide, Trump was applauded for endorsing police brutality and encouraging officers to use more force when dealing with suspects. During a time where police brutality is at its highest, it’s somewhat surprising that our President would encourage officers “not to be too nice” when dealing with suspects. Considering it’s Trump, there are no surprises anymore though, just down right disappointment and grief.

Trump emphasized that his administration is working on targeting gang members, advising officers to be more aggressive, and to use force when placing “thugs into the back of a paddy wagon”. He urges that officers should not protect suspects’ heads when places them into the back of the cop car—that they should remove their hand and hit their heads on the car. Trump suggested that for years, laws have been in place “to protect the criminal”. He proceeds by saying, “You do something wrong, you’re in more jeopardy than they are. These laws are stacked against you. We’re changing those laws.”

Encouraging officers to use extensive force while dealing with suspects is doing an absolute disservice to our community. When citizens are under arrest, they are by law, innocent until proven guilty, therefore it is unconstitutional and unlawful for the leader of our country to encourage officers to administer punishment when dealing with suspects.

But let’s face it, it makes even more sense now—Trump has never issued a response to the hundreds of Blacks or those of other races who were killed by officers and served no justice under this unlawful country.

Trump, where were you during all these trials where Blacks were being killed by officers and no justice has been served? How many times have you seen the word “acquitted” versus “convicted” in the media? Laws are not stacked against police officers, they are stacked up and built against citizens of the United States, specifically people of color who are not protected under this justice system.

The good news is, the Suffolk County Police Department released a statement emphasizing that they follow strict rules when it comes to dealing with prisoners, and “as a department, we do not and will not tolerate roughing up of prisoners.”

There is no doubt that there are good officers doing the right thing and serving their communities. However, who the police are really protecting is always a question up in the air. Who is our “President” protecting? Our officers and President are one of the same, upholding the same standards and injustices that our country was built on.




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