Donald Trump Saves His Toughest Words For Black People Because He's A Racist

By: Kayla Pasacreta

The absurd, childish nature of Trump (who some refer to as President) is insanely exhausting. It seems like a day doesn't pass by without him using his Twitter fingers, going against anyone who has anything negative to say about him.

But, for the past week, his Twitter fingers seem to be almost exclusively reserved for black people who oppose him. At his rally in Alabama last night, he referred to Colin Kaepernick and said "Get that son of a bitch off the field."

Not only is that language painfully un-presidential and vulgar, it's yet another attack against a public citizen exercising their right to free speech and protest. Donald Trump didn't stop there. Just a few hours later, he tweeted that Steph Curry's invitation to the White House was withdrawn after Steph Curry said he would not be going to the White House for the traditional visit championship winners take. 

Just last week, Trump was calling for the firing of black ESPN host Jemele Hill for speaking the truth about him being a white supremacist. I can't make this up. Someone who has the highest position in the White House is obsessed with personally attacking people who oppose him. It's impossible to notice all of the latest victims of his Twitter storms are black. This is a man who ran on the promise of making America great again. If you couldn't already tell it's clear this is a coded message for white people, his attacks on black people for literally doing nothing wrong should tell you every thing you need to know. How can someone so obsessed with the liberties and rights of Americans constantly have negative words for people who exercise them? Oh, because he's a racist. 

This is the same man who his repeatedly said there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville, and both sides (white supremacists included) have very "fine people". Have you ever seen this man attack a white supremacist in the same way he does an athlete for exercising his right to freedom of speech and protest? No. Unfortunately, Trump has made it obvious since the day he first stepped on the campaign trail that his loyalty and rhetoric lies right with the racist, uneducated, white people who feel isolated and threatened by the increase of diversity and black excellence. At this point, Trump's racism is glaring to anyone who is paying attention.

Stop saying athletes, or anyone who speak against the country are disrespecting it. Donald Trump's very presidency is disrespecting this country every single day. A hashtag titled Take A Knee, #TakeAKnee, started trending today, with the purpose of urging every single NFL player to kneel for the national anthem on Sunday.  I agree that NFL players need to use their power and influence to make a public statement against such a  small, unpowerful man. 

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