Our Quick Takeaways from Comey's Public Hearing

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Photo via  The New York Times

Photo via The New York Times

  •  Comey’s choice to document and preserve his dealings with President Trump make it clear that he felt given the nature of the person he was dealing with, this was his only hope at getting the truth out to the American people. 
  • Comey says that Trump did not explicitly tell him to drop the Flynn investigation – but used the words “hope”. Republican senators tried to argue this wording isnot a command, but Comey was fired when he did not do what Trump “hoped"
  • All in one dinner, Trump asked for Comey's loyalty and asked about Comey's job prospects. This dinner clearly was for Trump to grasp Comey's loyalty concerning the Russia Investigation, and ultimately contingent in deciding if he would keep Comey as FBI Director.
  • If Comey was fired for the Russia investigation (per Donald Trump saying his firing took heat off of the Russia Investigation),why was Jeff Sessions allowed to be involved in the recommendation when he recused himself from the Russia probe?
  • Republicans are hard pressed to ask why Comey didn't call out Trump for his inappropriate behavior (i.e. clearing the room of his Chief of Staff and Attorney General to ask About Russia investigation). The bigger concern should be why the President is engaging in misbehavior. 
  • John McCain's questions were confusing and did not make much sense.

Should the question really be why Comey didn't act on his qualms of Trump sooner, or why a very experienced FBI director felt there was cause to be concerned/trust the intentions of the President?