70% of People in New Poll Believe Trump is Not Presidential

By: Kayla Pasacreta

In a new poll done by the Washington Post and ABC News, 70 percent of the 1,0001 people polled said they believed President Trump has not behaved presidentially since taking office. The poll also did an approval rating, which Trump had a stunningly low approval rating of 36 percent. Most people in the poll agreed Trump is not a positive role model.

The results of this poll are unsurprising, since many of questioned Trump’s involvement with Russian collusion, and even those within the Republican Party have had to condemn Trump’s use of Twitter. For those unfamiliar with Trump’s Twitter use, the commonly takes to Twitter to hurl insults at opponents. When asked their opinions about Trump’s Twitter use, 21% said they found it refreshing, and 68% said they found his Twitter use to be inappropriate. This poll served as yet another indicator of how controversial the administration has been.



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