US Tourist beaten to death in Greece over a selfie

By Alexis Alex

Photo via  Dailymail. 

Photo via Dailymail. 

Just a couple of months after his college graduation, Bakari Henderson, a 22-year-old American tourist was beaten to death while in Greece in a violent bar attack. After graduating from University of Arizona in May with a degree in business finance and entrepreneurship, Henderson traveled to Greece to do a photoshoot to launch his own clothing line. On July 7, Henderson and some friends went out for drinks in Laganas, a popular tourist destination for nightlife on the Greek island of Zakynthos. The group decided to hang out at a club named Bar Code where the fight broke out around 3am. After much dispute over whether the attack was caused as the result of a selfie or drinks on the table, video evidence released from the bar shows the fight began due to the selfie. Surveillance footage shows Henderson posing for a photo with a woman who does public relations for the bar, and one of his male friends he traveled with. The woman claimed she was speaking and dancing with Henderson before one of his friends came and taken a selfie. As they are taking the photo, the footage shows a white man to the left of Henderson square up and slap Henderson across the head. As a response, Henderson throws a punch and chaos quickly breaks out between Serbian men and Henderson’s friends. On another surveillance video, Henderson is seen running out of the bar and being tackled by a large group of Serbian men outside the bar. They all partake in punching and kicking him until he is dead. So far, police have arrested nine suspects including a 34 year old Greek bar employee and 32 year old Briton bouncer who are now facing manslaughter charges.

During the investigation, it is reported the woman who took the selfie with Henderson stated, “A Serbian who was near us came up to me and said: 'There are so many Serbians here, why are you talking to a black guy?” Judging from this statement alone it seems like this attack was a case of racism which led to Henderson’s death. According to his friends, Henderson was minding his own business in the club and was not bothering anyone else, but he was targeted. Henderson was dancing and conversing with a white woman which automatically made him a threat to the Serbian men. Although the fight started with him, his friends joined in as well, but Henderson was the only one chased out of the bar and beaten to death. This tragedy sheds a light on the fact that racism persists around the world and it can be hard for black travelers to vacation without being targeted or treated unfairly. Henderson was a young man with a bright future whose life is now gone as a result of a pointless attack. Rest in peace, Bakari Henderson. 

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