McCain, Collins, Murkowski Kill Senate Healthcare Bill

By William Fairfax

At 1:30 AM, the Senate Republicans “Skinny Repeal” bill was shot down by Republican Senators McCain, Murkowski, and Collins. For about an hour after the procedural votes took place, there was much deliberation in the Senate Chambers. All signs pointed to the Republicans not garnering enough Support for their bill when Senator McCain was seen smiling with Democratic Majority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer.

 Senator McCain in an impassioned speech earlier this week vowed now to vote for this bill the way it was. He held true to his statement. Senator Schumer gave a last minute effort urging both parties to go back to the drawing board and make a truly bipartisan bill. For our breakdown of the skinny repeal bill, read here. The bill was given to the Democratic Senators at 10:00PM and they were only able to review and debate this bill for two hours. Senator Mike Enzi-R-WY, read from a conservative think tanks book for an hour to use up time. Every time he was asked to yield the floor for a question, he refused. He would also respond with “I would appreciate if you used this time to read the bill.”  The Democrats in the end have taken a huge win, and Senator Mitch McConell will have to regroup his party.

 McConnell gave a depleted speech at the end of the vote, and now has urged the Democrats to present their ideas. Chuck Schumer urged the senate to work on full bipartisanship, for the benefit of the American people. The Republicans now have been forced to go back to the drawing board, and incorporate the Democratic senators as well.

Although, Democrats won tonight, Mitch McConnell is as tough as they come, and he won't back down from this fight so easily. 



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