Why You Should Care About Planned Parenthood

By: Ariel Wodarcyk

In 2015, 2.4 million people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations went to Planned Parenthood for affordable reproductive healthcare services. Almost 70 million utilized the PP website for instant answers to their sexual and reproductive health questions. For many, Planned Parenthood is the only place to get the reproductive healthcare information and service they need. Under the Senate Republicans’ “Skinny Repeal” bill, Planned Parenthood funding would have been cut for an entire year. That’s one year where millions of people could lose out on essential reproductive healthcare services, because their clinics wouldn’t have the money to remain open. Thankfully, the bill has been struck down; to celebrate that, we’ve rounded up all the services Planned Parenthood provides to communities across the nation.

photo via  Planned Parenthood

photo via Planned Parenthood


One common misconception about Planned Parenthood is that the clinics only provide abortions, which totally discredits the rest of the hard work they do. Some clinics do offer abortions, while others are only legally allowed to refer patients to other abortion clinics. Some clinics also offer information on putting a child up for adoption. For those who are looking to start a family, they also offer family planning services and infertility consultations. PP has pregnancy testing, prenatal services, information on how to have a healthy pregnancy, and childbirth and postpartum training.

LGBT Services

Planned Parenthood also provides invaluable service to LGBT patients, including support groups, information on queer sexual health, and hormone therapy for trans patients. Their services are completely confidential, which is great for closeted or confused patients with nowhere else to go.

Birth Control and Emergency Contraceptives

There are so many birth control options currently available, it can be difficult to choose the option that’s right for you. PP provides consultations on all forms of birth control, so that you can make an informed decision.

Testings, Screenings, and Treatments

PP offers free and low-cost STD testing and treatments, as well as screenings for cervical, testicular, and prostate cancer.

General Health

For those without a primary care physician, PP can also provide general wellness services, such as physical checkups, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, and even the flu vaccine.

Planned Parenthood is dedicated to providing services that can normally be very expensive, such as breast exams, pap smears, and cervical cancer screenings, at little to no cost. Anyone can go to Planned Parenthood for affordable, confidential care. For a full list of all the services the organizations provides (yes, there are more), click here.

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