Trump TV: Trump is Getting Out his Own "Real News"

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Trump loyalist Kayleigh McEnany just quit her job as a CNN political analyst, and she's moving on to things that align with her views better. An avid supporter of Trump, there's no doubt McEnan began to grow frustrated with the network's coverage of Trump. Her new job? Reporting on "real news" from the Trump Tower, with a blue background decked out with the Trump name.

McEnany, photo via  Donald J. Trump Facebook page

McEnany, photo via Donald J. Trump Facebook page

Trump's team decided to start Trump TV after growing frustrations of how media coverage depicts Donald Trump. The goal of Trump TV is to spread "real news", instead of the fake news they believe comes from organizations like the New York Times and CNN. Trump TV will spread positive coverage and weekly accomplishments from the administration. 

In her first video for Trump TV, Mcnany spoke highly of Trump, stating, “President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction...and that is the real news." McEnany also boasted about improvement of the economy, and Trump's immigration policy that will "put the American worker first."

Trump supporters with #MAGA in their bios are all the way here for Trump TV.

As expected, Trump TV is also  getting a lot  of backlash.

Even though it is common for a President to send their messaging and goals through their own forums, to refer to their positive messaging as "news" seems a little, eh...dictator-y, if you will. The "real news" segment of Trump TV is yet another example of Donald Trump's team attempting to discredit legitimate news sources. It is potentially harmful for an administration to suggest the only trustworthy news comes from them. 

What do you think of Trump TV? Do you think it is a reliable outlet for news?




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