The Government Is Shut Down. Now What?

By: Kayla Pasacreta

photo via  United Liberty

photo via United Liberty

After a spending bill failed in the Senate last night - read here to learn the provisions of that bill - the government is officially shutdown for now. 44 Democrats and 4 Republicans voted against the bill; dooming its fate. Congress returned to work Saturday morning to keep searching for compromise, but for now, here's what you need to expect from a government shutdown:

How does a shutdown happen?

Funding expires for the U.S. Government without an agreed on spending bill.

When was the last shutdown and how long did it last?

The last shutdown was in 2013, and lasted for 16 days.

Whose fault is it?

Republicans are blaming Democrats, Democrats are blaming Republicans. Let's just say Republicans enjoy power of the White House, House, and Senate. P.S., in 2013, Trump said government shutdowns are the fault of the President.

How will the country be affected?

  • "Nonessential" federal government employees will be placed on furlough, a form of unpaid leave essentially meaning they are asked to not come into work until the shutdown is over.
  • 1,065 members of the White House, the nonessential White House employees, will also be placed on furlough.
  • Active duty Military still report to work, but will not be paid.
  • The US Postal Service will still deliver your mail
  • Special Counselor Mueller's team is considered "essential", so they will report to work as usual.
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are closed

U.S. Senators reported for work today to continue looking for a fix. We will keep you posted and cross our fingers this will be a short shutdown!

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