Russia Investigation Update: Robert Mueller Has Interviewed Jeff Sessions, James Comey

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Robert gets shit done Mueller, photo via  Washington Examiner

Robert gets shit done Mueller, photo via Washington Examiner

Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought Mueller was finished? If you have no idea who tf Mueller is, check out here and here. Robert Mueller is the head special counsel of the Russia probe, and he appears to be getting sh**t done.

According to two people briefed, Mueller interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for several hours last week. This is the first time Mueller has interviewed a present-member of Trump's cabinet. As people interviewed are getting closer and closer to the President, the question lingers if/when Robert Mueller will interview Trump himself.  A source told the Washington Post that Mueller will be ready to interview Trump in just a few weeks.

Jeff Sessions, photo via  New York Times

Jeff Sessions, photo via New York Times

A source has also revealed James Comey was also interviewed for several hours last year, following his firing from the FBI. Comey was reportedly questioned about his detailed memos that he took to writing after odd, worrisome encounters with Donald Trump. Additionally, James Comey testified in June that Trump asked him to end an investigation into Michael Flynn. Just a few months later, Flynn ended up being one of the first members of Trump Administration to be indicted by Mueller.

Robert Mueller also must dig deep to determine if Trump illegally obstructed justice and the campaign's ties to Russia. The White House has said they will be "fully cooperative" with the process.

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