Plot Twist Of The Year? Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen's Mystery 3rd Client.

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Michael Cohen on Hannity's show, photo via  Fox News

Michael Cohen on Hannity's show, photo via Fox News

In today's #WTF news, Fox News host and commentator Sean Hannity has been revealed as Michael Cohen's mystery third client. Judge Kimba Wood ordered Cohen to disclose all of his clients, following Cohen's legal plea to stop prosecutors from reviewing certain documents found in last week's raid of his legal office.

Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, has been making splashes in headlines recently, following his role in paying off Stormy Daniels and the FBI's raid of his office last Monday. So, finding out Hannity and Trump have the same lawyer is not anything surprising, but a scandal nonetheless.

Who tf is Sean Hannity?


Seriously? Are you living under a rock? Just kidding, we'll forgive you. Sean Hannity is a conservative Fox News host, a loyal ally to Trump, and a persistent advocate of the birther movement. A defender of accused sexual harassers like Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reily, Hannity often faces criticism for his support of alleged abusers.

He has the same lawyer as what?

Hannity being a client of Cohen will be treated like a mega scandal, largely because of journalistic integrity. Hannity has been freely reporting on and providing his perspective on the Russia Investigation (he says it's a witch hunt) and covering the raid of Cohen's sketchy business doings for Trump. Journalists are typically expected to disclose personal relationships to subjects they cover/report on. Cohen is also piling up a reputation as a "fixer", for rich men who have affairs...why might Hannity need a fixer?

Will Cohen ever have a good day in the media?

Ah, probably not.

What are the Twitter critics saying about it?

Although this news is surely the bombshell news item of the day, is any thing that happens in Washington even surprising anymore?

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