Not My Candidate: It's Time To Talk About Senator Kamala Harris and Her Two Faced Politics

By Alexis Alex


It's time to talk about Senator Kamala Harris. When Sen. Harris first announced her campaign, I was happy to see a Black woman taking charge and running for the Presidency. I subscribed to her email list, donated a couple of dollars to the campaign, I was all for the movement! But, Harris’s campaign sparked a fiery debate among on social media from Leftists and progressives in strong opposition of her, even with some tweeting the hashtag, #NeverKamala.  At first, I thought all of the bad press was intentionally done to target to the Black woman, who is always the first to be attacked in any situation. I truly felt bad for Kamala, until the receipts started pouring in. There have been multiple instances where Kamala Harris has been called out for lying, pandering to the Black community, jailing wrongfully convicted people, and being far from progressive. Let’s run down Kamala Harris’s questionable behavior thus far:

Her troubled past in the criminal justice system

During her time as the district attorney in San Francisco, many have called out Senator Harris for her harsh, non progressive policies. In an article  for the New York Times, University of San Francisco law professor Lara Bazelon argued that  during her time as the district attorney Harris was far from progressive, citing that she fought to keep individuals facing wrongful convictions in jail, fell short in her support of sentencing reforms, and even defended the use of the death penalty. Harris addressed these comments while speaking at Howard University, saying that she took “responsibility” for the actions her office had taken.

She explained , “The bottom line is the buck stops with me and I take full responsibility for what my office did,” she said. “There are cases ... where there were folks that made a decision in my office and they had not consulted me and I wish they had.” (Vox)

This sounds like a lot of blaming and not enough accountability. If all of these allegations are true, Harris played a huge role in keeping thousands of wrongfully convicted people behind bars, without any remorse until now. Save it sis.

The “Weedgate” Scandal

While being interviewed on the Breakfast Club, Harris was asked if she smoked weed in college. To which she replied that she did, and she inhaled it too. She was then asked by Charlamagne Tha God what music she was listening to during her smoke sessions, and Harris claimed she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac while smoking in college. But there is just one technical problem. Tupac's first album came out in 1991 and Snoop Dogg’s first album came out in 1993. Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986 and UC Hastings College of Law in 1989. So, it is pretty obvious that Harris twisted the truth. It seems as if she chose to pander to Black people instead of just telling the truth about her past. Im sorry Kamala, but Black people will not vote for you just because you “smoked weed and listened to Snoop Dogg in college”. Give me a break.  

The AIPAC Tweet

On March 21, it was reported that Sen. Kamala Harris had accepted the challenge from progressive groups to skip the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference. Despite not attending the conference, Sen. Harris met with California AIPAC leaders in her Senate office, upsetting many progressives who are strong critics of Israel and AIPAC. Although Harris did not lie about skipping the conference, having the leaders come to your office is hypocritical. It is also rumored that AIPAC pays Senators and Congressmen to support them and Harris could be receiving money from them, which would explain their meeting. This is the same trend of two faced politics and pandering that is a consistent trend for Sen. Harris. Pick a side Kamala!!

As we can see, Sen. Kamala Harris is far from the ideal candidate. She comes across as two faced; she panders to different communities for her own personal gain, lies about her past, and has done nothing to show any growth or change in her behavior. Although Sen. Harris is a Black women who attended an HBCU, all skinfolk ain't kinfolk. She continues to disgustingly pander to Black people by appealing to stereotypes that she thinks we can relate to. Her political history proves that she is politician who works for her personal gain, at the expense of minority communities. Sen. Kamala Harris is the definition of a two faced politician, and she does not have my support anymore.

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