Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Manafort, photo via  Getty Images

Manafort, photo via Getty Images

He has lived an otherwise blameless life,
— Judge T. Ellis

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in prison from charges that stemmed from the Mueller investigation. The 4-year sentence is significantly lighter than Mueller’s sentencing recommendation of 19-24 years.

Judge T. Ellis said that though Manafort’s crimes were “very serious” they would have been too harsh. The evidence against Manafort showed that he hid millions of dollars in overseas accounts, lied to banks to obtain millions in loans, and avoided paying taxes. This, prosecutors argued, was an intentional, elaborate financial scheme by Manafort meant to satisfy his personal greed. Investigators also found out that Manafort shared polling data with Russian associates, who he also lied about his interactions with.

Manafort can still face up to 10 years in prison for a separate upcoming trial.

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