Trump Is Having Twitter Beef With A Prominent Republican Senator Because 2017

By: Kayla Pasacreta

2 minute read

Trump never fails to make headlines with his early morning tweets. On Wednesday, Republican Senator Bob Corker threw a whole lotta shade at Trump and suggested he's the cause of chaos in the White House, also adding if it wasn't for Rex Tillerson and Robert Kelly, the White House would be in total disarray. To read more about his comments on Wednesday, read here.

Corker and Trump when things were all good, photo via  Reuters

Corker and Trump when things were all good, photo via Reuters

Donald waited until Sunday to reply to the shade, and sent out a series of tweets about the Senator who recently announced he will not be seeking re-election. Trump claimed that Corker decided to not seek re-election after Trump refused to endorse his candidacy.

Senator Corker responded with a classy clapback, once again doing so without saying Trump's name:

Trump having beef with anyone with common sense is nothing new. However, publicly feuding with members of his own party who seem to doubt his competence is stunning. Many are saying Corker is the voice of several Republican politicians who share the similar sentiments. We give Corker an A+ for bringing to light the private thoughts of the GOP, but we can't forget dude still supported Trump. Since when has Trump's incompetence not been glaring? Nevertheless, the beef does not help with restoring party unity, and Republicans could really use that, given their inability to pass any big legislation. 

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