Analysis: Why Is Donald Trump Still Supporting Roy Moore?

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Trump speaking to the press about Roy Moore, photo via  CNN

Trump speaking to the press about Roy Moore, photo via CNN

Ever since Harvey Weinstein's accusers came forward to describe their unfortunate encounters with him, sexual assault allegations seem to be rolling in nearly every single day. Major media titans have been forced to drop and disavow men like Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, and a wealth of others.  Hollywood seems to have any easy fix when dealing with men accused of sexual assault: cut all ties. However, in Washington, things seem to be a bit different.

Roy Moore, photo via  Slate

Roy Moore, photo via Slate

Don't believe me? After Leigh Corfman came forward and detailed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's sexual behavior towards her when he was 35 and she was just a teenager, Moore has been getting bad press all around. Various women from Alabama have come forward and alleged that Moore also pursued them when they were teenagers; and locals have even said Moore was known to lurk around malls in search of young women. The allegations have caused major Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Mitt Romney to call on Moore to 'step aside' and drop out of the race. 

Other Republicans, like Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and President of the United States Donald Trump have stood by their decision to continue supporting Moore. Kay Ivey explained, “I believe in the Republican Party, what we stand for, and most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like Supreme Court justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm, and make major decisions,” White House spokeswoman Kellyane Conway also expressed a similar sentiment, saying, "We want the votes for the tax bill." So, essentially, politics over morality? That's  what they seem to be telling us.

Donald Trump, who immediately took to Twitter to condemn Democratic Senator Al Franken after sexual assault allegations, has decided to continue supporting Roy Moore.

Trump broke his silence on Roy Moore today, and explained, "He [Roy Moore] totally denies it." He went on to say Doug Jones, Moore's Democratic opponent, isn't tough on crime and isn't the person Alabama needs in the Senate seat. Doug Jones notably prosecuted the man responsible for the Birmingham bombing that killed 4 black schoolgirls, but ok Donald!

Trump doesn't seem to be too concerned about the sexual assault allegations. However, we can't say we're too surprised. Like the old adage goes, birds of a feather flock together, and Trump is no stranger to sexual assault allegations himself. Washington has got to stop treating sexual assault allegations like politics. No matter what party aligns with, they have got to go if there's legitimate reason to believe they have been involved in sexual assaulting women. 

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