Inside Trump's Tumultuous Week: Is a Shake-Up Coming to Washington?

By: Kayla Pasacreta

This week, as always, was nowhere near dull for the Trump administration. Ironically, it also marked the 6 month anniversary of Trump’s presidency. Between Republican’s repeal and replace plan collapsing, the head of Trump’s legal team resigning, Donald Trump looking into his ability to pardon himself, Trump publicly scolding his Attorney General for recusing himself for the Russia Investigation, Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort being called for a hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss the Russia meeting, and Sean Spicer resigning from his post as White House Press Secretary, this week has been hectic, but nevertheless in true form to the administration.

Sessions and Spicer, photo via  Talking Points Memo

Sessions and Spicer, photo via Talking Points Memo

And there’s more, and possibly one of the most alarming aspects of the week: Trump’s team is reportedly on an active mission to discredit Robert Mueller, the head of the special counsel investigating the Russia probe. This comes after Mueller has started looking into Donald Trump’s taxes. Why is Trump scrambling to find out about pardons and looking to discredit an independent special counsel? It seems the deeper government officials get into putting together the pieces of Russia’s relations with Trump’s campaign during the election, the more problems there is for the White House. This, of course, shouldn’t be the case, if the campaign did not collude with Russia.

Just last night, intelligence reports saying that Jeff Sessions did in fact discuss matters of the Trump campaign to Russian officials surfaced. Why does this matter? Not only did Sessions not initially disclose these meetings (which led him to recuse for lying under oath), it also suggests that Sessions lied again when he said he and the Russian ambassador didn’t discuss matters relating to the campaign. But seriously, who was buying it anyways that Sessions met with a Russian official during the campaign and didn’t discuss the election? Cut the crap, Sessions.

The big takeaway from this week is that the minor details that keep surfacing (no matter how annoying the constant alerts are) about the Russia Investigation may finally be turning into something. If you don’t think so, just look at what Trump tweeted on this beautiful Saturday morning, over 7 months after the election. He’s bothered, man.

I’ll leave you with this: Watergate took over 900 days.

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