Will Kushner Lose his Clearance?

By: Kaitwan Jackson

Jared Kushner has once again failed to disclose his foreign contacts. Both parties have began discussing revocation of Kushner's security clearance, because his extensive foreign contacts pose a threat to American information security. Kushner currently holds an interim security clearance, and is awaiting approval to receive his full clearance. Kushner will be unable to fulfill his role as senior adviser to President Trump if his clearance is revoked. Without access to high risk content the President’s son-in-law and adviser will become obsolete in the White House. If he is denied his full security clearance, he will be forced to remove himself as senior adviser, and pursue a new role; or leave the White House entirely. 

Jared Kushner, photo via  Vanity Fair

Jared Kushner, photo via Vanity Fair

How did we get here? 

When completing his Standard Form 86 (form required to receive a security clearance), Kushner did not specify the extent of his foreign relationships. ZKushner and his associates claim that his form was completed “prematurely,” and this is the reason numerous contacts were not included. Amid rising proof of foreign contacts, Kushner’s council has repeatedly assured he is willing to cooperate, and he has. His compliance has consisted of 3 document updates since he first filed his SF-86 seven months ago (Jan. 18). These three revisions have created a bipartisan issue over his credibility. 

Senators Richard Blumenthal (Dem.-CT), Mazie Hirono (Dem.-HI) and Al Franken (Dem.-MN) have submitted a letter promoting a review of Kushner's clearance. The letter states, “Given the enormity of the outstanding national security concerns regarding his conduct, Mr. Kushner should not retain access to our nation's most critical secrets.” Kushner has increasingly lost the trust of government officials, and with the growing accounts of foreign interference in US politics, complete transparency is required from all. 

How can his clearance be revoked? 

Kushner has already been deemed eligible for an interim security clearance. The clearance requires minimum prerequisites be met, and is a temporary until the FBI has completed a full investigation that will be used to deem a candidate eligible for their full security clearance. 

The FBI is currently gathering information that will be used to determine If Kushner receives his final clearance. However, the FBI does not have the ability to determine if the clearance is granted, eligibility will be decided within the Executive branch. If not approved, President Trump has the ability to overrule any decision regarding his son-in-law/senior adviser’s clearance. In the coming weeks his FBI investigation will come to a close, and eligibility for a full clearance will be discussed within the executive branch. We can only wait, sip, and see what happens.



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