Trump's European Tour: What to Expect

By: Chandler Baxter

President Donald Trump is currently taking a trip to Europe.  This will be his second foreign trip since being in office.  Today Trump is visiting Poland to meet with Andrzej Duda, Poland’s President.  

Trump, Duda. photo via  VOA News

Trump, Duda. photo via VOA News

Do you find it a coincidence that Trump is visiting Poland, after they were accused of attacking democratic institutions?  Poland's government has similar ideas to Trump in relation to immigration, global warming, etc.  Today, Trump will deliver a speech that focuses primarily on what the administration considers to be an attempt to improve the relationship between America and Europe.  Did I also forget to mention how Poland also has tensions with Russia?  If it hasn’t already, I am sure Russia will come up during tea time between Mr. Trump Andrzej Duda.  

As always, Mr. Trump's arrival was met with a series of protests. 

photo via  Getty Images

photo via Getty Images

According to Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, Trump’s national security advisor, “He will lay out a vision, not only for America’s future relationship with Europe, but the future of our trans-Atlantic alliance and what that means for American security and American prosperity,”.  While the Polish government praises Mr. Trump, others see this as an opportunity for the Polish government to continue to push their ideas, which was recently criticized by the European Union, for attempting to co-opt the news media, political opponents, as well as the courts.  Also considering the separation between the eastern and western divisions of the company, I can’t help but wonder how this will impact his visit to Brussels.  Gianni Pitella, leader of the socialist bloc in the European parliament, said: “After a few months of his presidency, Trump has already jeopardised the Paris agreement on the climate change, endangered the EU-US and Nato relationships, and now he risks blowing up the already very delicate situation in Poland and eastern Europe.”  

With attention being on President Donald Trump since the moment he stepped foot in office, as people, we can’t help but question what other shocking information and mishaps may occur throughout the trip.  Seems like the hole for unanswered questions seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.  The recent news has been focusing on him attempting to describe him as a “modern day president”, with his uncanny use of social media and insults, and we'll see how this plays out into his European trip.