Trump is Screwing up the Republican Party, Bigly

By: Stacy Omosa

President Donald Trump has always been the boss of his own world. He tried to bring those same tactics that made him successful in his business all the way to the White House. However, as ill fitted as he is, he failed to clearly see that the only way to “Make America Great Again” is to “Make the Republican Party Work Again.”  The President has deeply divided his own party and embarrassed them to the American public. The effort to pass key legislation that Trump has campaigned on looks seemingly impossible because of how he has treated the only people who can help him.  

Trump and Ryan, photo via  Chicago Tribune

Trump and Ryan, photo via Chicago Tribune

His Twitter rants and erratic behavior often overshadow the real policy and agenda Republicans are trying to get across.  With tweeting out public policy, threatening nuclear war with North Korea and equating both sides of the Charlottesville protests of being responsible for the mass violence and murder of Heather Heyer; Republicans in the Senate and House are finding it consistently difficult to  defend and support their party’s leader. Having to make such a choice undoubtedly causes a spilt within the party.

Not only is it hard to support their President, their president doesn’t support them. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump posted demeaning comments on social media questioning  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s effectiveness in his position and Senator John McCain’s time as a prisoner of war.

Trump didn't end his criticism of Republican leaders on the campaign trail. During his presidency, Trump has bashed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, threatened to take every congressman’s health insurance, and planned to seek revenge on Senators who didn’t vote for his policies, specifically the healthcare bill. 

President Donald Trump has made no effort to appease his party or stop embarrassing them. His shenanigans in the White House go on and on. Most recently, he drew criticism after politicizing his Boys Scout’s speech and defending Neo-Nazis as “good guys.” It seems every day Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and John McCain have to condemn remarks made by the Commander-in-Chief. Republicans in Congress are split on whether to back him or continue having their morals and values intact. 

President Trump’s impulse to defend himself and his base is costing him his party’s capability to keep key promises they have made in the last 7 years. The Republican Party has absolute control - a Republican led White House, House, and Senate, however, they cannot get anything done. They are sincerely divided and ashamed of what their president is doing in the White House. So much, they are distracted and disorganized from their agenda.  

Major legislation of any kind cannot be achieved without presidential leadership. Obamacare did not pass by itself; President Obama carefully working with congressman on this bill and going out to campaign for it to the American Public. Republicans now have the hardest job in the world. They must provide their own leadership because they can’t trust their president to provide any real presidential leadership. President Donald Trump does not know what he is doing and consistently messes things up when progress is being made. The Republican party is being torn apart by the gigantic pressure America has set for them and the gigantic agenda they have set on themselves.

Who knows if the Republican Party can do it in the next three years. At this point in time, the people who are trying to govern the Republican Party are Speaker of The House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. They must because their own president is making a mockery of the American democratic process and the respect the United States has in the world. 

Comment below on what you think. Is the Republican party on the same page or are they heading for disaster because of President Donald Trump?

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