Trump Likely to Revoke Obama-Era DACA

By: Stacy Amosa

Donald Trump is set to announce his decision on the Obama Era Program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival this Saturday, September 5th. 

photo via  Washington Examiner

photo via Washington Examiner

The DACA program grants 800,00 young undocumented immigrant’s protection to work and study in the United States without deportation. The goal of the program is to allow young immigrants to work and learn freely without the threat of deportation.

During the campaign, President Trump’s rhetoric regarding the DACA program was extremely negative as he threatened to cut the program indefinitely and deport all 800,000 people. In the early days of the presidency he stated on television that he will treat DREAMERS “with heart.”

Now, sources inside the White House suggest Trump may end new applications and renewals for the program. With DACA protections only lasting for two years, it sounds like Donald Trump is thinking about phasing the program out instead of fixing it to show “some heart.” 

Trump supporters have urged the president to scrap the program indefinitely. Congress is not expected to deal with the matter at all, so outside intervention into the matter is unlikely if the president kills the program. 

John Kelly, Trump’s new Chef of Staff, has told the president to delay his announcement to further discuss this complicated issue.  As usual, Trump listens only to himself and maybe his base. Trump Supporters want a win and so does President Trump himself.

The lives of close to I million young undocumented people will be decided this Saturday. 



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