Reince Priebus is Out as Chief of Staff

By: Kayla Pasacreta

The crazy saga in the White House continues, as Trump announced via Twitter that Reince Priebus will no longer be serving as Chief of Staff. This makes Preibus, former RNC chairman, the shortest serving chief of staff in U.S. history.

Priebus, photo via  Politico

Priebus, photo via Politico

This news is rather unsurprising. Just two days ago, the newly appointed White House Communications Director told a reporter, "Reince Priebus — if you want to leak something — he’ll be asked to resign very shortly.” He had even more harsh words for Priebus, calling him, an "f****ing paranoid schizophrenic."

Reports vary about whether Preibus was fired or not. A source close to Preibus says he privately resigned yesterday, but this report appears conflicting because Preibus was on Air Force Once with President Trump just moments before Trump tweeted he would no longer be serving as chief of staff. 

Priebus will be replaced with General Tom Kelly, who will be leaving his post as Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Donald Trump called Kelly a "star".

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