Is The Russia Investigation Heating Up?

By: Anna Gibson

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It may only be the first week of fall, but things are heating up in The White House. Robert Muller, head investigator for the Trump-Russia probe has requested several documents from the Trump administration.

Rachel Maddow covering documents Mueller has requested, photo via  MSNBC

Rachel Maddow covering documents Mueller has requested, photo via MSNBC

Here’s what we know Mueller has requested so far:

  • 3 requests have to do with former FBI Director James Comey

  • 4 Requests involve Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

  • How the White House responded to the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russia

  • Trump’s meeting with Russian officials

  • Internal White House communications involving seven former campaign advisers

  • "anything on Manafort"

Robert Mueller, photo via  Time Magazine

Robert Mueller, photo via Time Magazine

Along with the requests, Muller is interested in speaking with the staffers who were aboard Air Force One when the response was created for Trump Jr. responses for his meeting with Russia. Additionally, Mueller and his team are interested in speaking with former and former White House staffers who may be considered witnesses.

What does Vice President Pence say? When asked if Muller is overstepping his boundary, He responded with, “that's for others to say.” Pence is making sure to keep his name away from the affair, saying: "I've made clear that during my time on the campaign, I was not aware of any contacts or any collusion with Russian officials."on CBS. According to White House attorney Ty Cobb the White house will fully cooperate with the special counsel, CNN reports.

Currently no other documents have been requested, but as this is ongoing we will keep all our readers up to date on the matter.  

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