Everything You Need To Know About Trump's Upcoming State of the Union Address

 By: Dana Phillips

Trump, photo via  NBC News

Trump, photo via NBC News

On January 30th, Trump will give his first State of the Union address, and the overall lackluster of excitement for his debut is understandable. Although the Trump Administration has not offered offer up any of the possible points the president will be touching on, it's likely he will be mentioning the Republican tax bill from December, the US economy, and the state of the stock market. He is also expected to bring up the White House infrastructure plan that is slated to cost upwards of 1.7 trillion dollars. It is also highly anticipated for him to address immigration the issue that was at the center of last week’s government shut down.

The Democratic pick for a response will be Joe Kennedy, the thirty-seven-year-old three-term Congressman from Massachusetts. The latest generation of the Kennedy dynasty is said to be likely to appeal to the working and middle class, unlike the president.  He is the great nephew of JFK and late Sen. Ted Kennedy and the party is hopeful he will appear as a fresh face for the national platform. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has described Kennedy as, "a relentless fighter for working Americans. The party is also excited about Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, the first Hispanic female immigrant elected to the Virginia House, to deliver the Democrats’ Spanish language response. Pelosi also praised Guzman, "Driven by her faith and her belief in the promise of the American Dream, Elizabeth has been a vital, relentless leader for the voiceless,"

Now, let’s be honest: no one is excited about Trump's speech. In fact, I’m sure most of us won't even be able to sit through the entire thing. Trump is expected to throw the worst of his ignorance out there and everyone especially, the Republican party should be terrified. Who thinks it’s a good idea to give this man a mic for an hour? Right, absolutely no one.


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