FBI Director Andrew McCabe Is Stepping Down In What Looks Like A Sus Departure

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Andrew McCabe, photo via  Reuters

Andrew McCabe, photo via Reuters

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down from the FBI, effective immediately. He will remain on FBI payroll until March,

McCabe’s departure is definitely questionable, given last week’s Washington Post report that Donald Trump questioned McCabe about who he voted for. The exits of 2 high-level officials within the FBI – first James Comey, and now McCabe, raises the question: is Trump intent on pushing out high-level FBI officials who he feels are not loyal to him?

In the midst of a high-stakes Russia Investigation, McCabe’s removal from the FBI may be a fair point for Mueller’s team to look into. Reports are also pouring in that Donald Trump pressured McCabe to quit.

The past few weeks, Trump’s criticism of the FBI has been highly talked about. McCabe was often the center of public frustration the White House directed towards the FBI. Additionally, Axios reported last week that FBI director Christopher Wray threatened to resign after Attorney General Jeff Sessions pressured him to fire McCabe.

This isn’t a routine departure, and new details will likely unravel that can aid the Russia investigation.

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