Latest In the Rob Porter Saga: FBI Contradicts The White House's Response

By: Kayla Pasacreta

FBI Director Christopher Wray is disputing the White House's timeline with Rob Porter. ICYMI, former White House staff secretary Rob Porter stepped down last Wednesday after bombshell abuse allegations from two of his former wives. 

FBI director Christopher Wray, photo via  Slate

FBI director Christopher Wray, photo via Slate

According to the NYT, Christopher Wray testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee,

“ But he said that after the partial report in March, the F.B.I. gave the White House “a completed background investigation” in late July. He said the bureau received a request for a “follow-up inquiry” and provided more information about Mr. Porter’s background to the White House in November.”

This statement from Wray clearly contradicts the White House's timeline on the events. Deputy press secretary Raj Shah said just last Friday, "His background investigation was ongoing,” He also went on to say that Porter's security clearance was never denied.

Christopher Wray also confirmed that the FBI's findings were passed along to the White House. Wray also had some subtle shade for Trump in answering a question about the negative reputation surrounding the FBI, saying, "There's no shortage of opinions about our agency… I encourage our folks not to get too hung up on what I consider to be the noise on TV and in social media." 

Looks like the FBI is not playing with the White House today, chile.

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