Mitt Romney's Ultimate Switch-Up With Donald Trump

By: Dana Phillips

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, photo via  Getty Images

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, photo via Getty Images

This past Monday, Mitt Romney happily accepted Trump's endorsement for his Senate run for Utah. During Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, Trump was an adamant supporter and at the time the two spoke highly of each other’s character and business ethics. Things took a turn in 2016 when Romney attacked Trump's candidacy and the two often went to Twitter to express their distaste for one another, making Trump's endorsement and Mitt Romney's Trump embrace a little awkward.

Plot twist...just last year, Mitt Romney said he would not have accepted Trump's endorsement.

So, it looks like his previous comments about Trump are a thing of the past. Romney must have gotten over the president’s degrading comments about the KKK, people of color, immigrants and the disabled.

On Monday when Romney accepted Trump's endorsement, the internet did not go without pointing out the several Twitter scuffles the two have gotten in over the past few months. Romney was called out by several celebrities and political commentators like Chrissy Teigen and Pod save America.

It isn’t surprising that he has softened his opinion on Trump considering he met with the president after the election in hope of receiving the secretary of state position. His Utah endorsement, however, is unlikely to be helpful considering Trump isn’t popular in the deeply rooted red state, having received less than 50 percent of Utah’s vote in 2016. Is Romney reaching, for any endorsement at this point? Or is all fair in love and war when running a campaign? Mitt you're added to the list now, Twitter is keeping a close eye on you.


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